Get astral diamonds neverwinter and items with 3x reward points to join Prep Talk
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Get Astral Diamonds Neverwinter And Items With 3x Reward Points To Join Prep Talk

Get astral diamonds neverwinter and items with 3x reward points to join Prep Talk

Since the console launch of Neverwinter’s Module 13 is only a few days away, I’d like to get a little prep talk going today. We already briefed you on the “Envenomed Cache” situation yesterday, but there are a few more things you can do to prepare you for the Lost City of Omu update.Get neverwinter astral diamond with 3x reward points to join Prep Talk . So let’s go through a few bullets and let’s find out how you can make most out of your time until Tuesday.

Prepare the Mod 12 Campaign

Module 13 is a full extension of the Chult story and attached systems, which is why players have jokingly referred to the update as “Module 12c”. This is especially true for its campaign, which entirely builds on the “Jungles of Chult” from Mod 12. There are the same “Hunt”, “Advancement”, and “Boon” paths, and you need to have unlocked the last corresponding task in the Module 12 portion to be able to advance in Module 13. Meaning if you want to do the new Hunts, you need to have “The King” task completed, etc. It’s not enough time left to completely play through the Jungles of Chult, but you at least can start working the paths that you might still be missing.

Seals of the Brave

The?Seal of the Brave?remains an important piece of the gear progression. In Module 13 you can buy the “Primal” weapon set with it, one of the stronger new sets for most (DPS) builds. Both the Main and Off-Hand cost 1,500 Seals, meaning that one character (1,200 cap) can’t do it alone. If you have two toons that have TONG unlocked however, you can farm on both and then buy the weapons for one of them. The set just like all other Primal Gear from the shop binds to account.

Bring Toons to 12,000 Item Level

This might be obvious, since Module 12’s group content also had an item level requirement of 12,000, but it can’t hurt to point out that the new Cradle of the Death God trial also requires as much. So if you want to participate in that, you obviously have to gear toons appropriately.

Save and Farm Guild Marks and Refining Ingredients

Talking about obvious: Masterwork Professions are getting updated and saving Guild Marks is essential if you’re planning on getting to the new recipes. There are also two new Explorer’s Charts available. So even if you’re no Mastercrafter yourself, you can safe Guild Marks, supply others, and profit.

PSA: New Hunt Item Functionality Incoming

This is not a “must do”, but more of a public service announcement. Hunt Items like Trophies and Lures will no longer be unique in the “Lost City of Omu” and you can store more than one in your inventory. That might add a whole lot of convenience to the Hunting feature, especially if you’re no VIP. Not sure you were planning to go all in on Hunts this week anyway, but just letting you know.


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