Why not to buy safewow 8% off neverwinter astral diamonds PC/Xbox/PS4 under Module 14
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Why Not To Buy Safewow 8% Off Neverwinter Astral Diamonds PC/Xbox/PS4 Under Module 14

Why not to buy safewow 8% off neverwinter astral diamonds PC/Xbox/PS4 under Module 14

Module 13 is still in full progress, but Miasmat made sure you can already get all hyped up about the next one. Why not to buy safewow 8% off neverwinter astral diamonds for Module 14.Answering a user questions about an option to rearrange toons on the character select screen, he hinted at changes in Mod 14 “that should make?you happier”. Here’s the full quote:

We have some changes to the character select screen coming with M14 that should make you happier. The challenge wasn’t changing the order, but the interface for changing it. Think about your Netflix queue or Steam wishlist. Those UIs are always clunky. I won’t say more about the character select changes because I don’t want to spoil anything that @nitocris83 will announce later.Miasmat

First of all, that’s great news. Rearranging characters has been a long-standing request by the community. Veterans have tons of leadership, praying or storage alts that push mains that were created later down the list. While that’s only a small annoyance, most still would like to group their toons more logically. There is of course much more usefulness to such a feature than just alt/main management. You could also sort your characters by class or purpose (PVE / PVP). So we’re glad that this quality-of-life upgrade seems to be all but confirmed.

This also raises the question how far away we are from the first major announcement regarding the next content update. The rough timeline currently is three modules per year, or one every four months. Since Lost City of Omu just launched, we’re probably still a good six to eight weeks away from Module 14 hitting preview. So it seems a bit early, but the wording of Miasmat certainly make it feel like Community Manager nitocris could spoil more pretty soon.


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