Snap up rs3 gold cheap with up to 6% off to join Double XP Weekend
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Snap Up Rs3 Gold Cheap With Up To 6% Off To Join Double XP Weekend

Snap up rs3 gold cheap with up to 6% off to join Double XP Weekend


Coming up this week: the Bank Rework Taster, Double XP Weekend and - drum roll - GAMEBLAST!

Bank Rework Taster

For most people, news that their local bank branch is undergoing a little TLC is hardly newsworthy. Not so for you guys. But then banking in Gielinor was never about elasticated pens and mint wallpaper.

The Bank Rework is a mammoth undertaking, and a lot of it is dependent on the release of RuneScape mobile. However, we know it matters to you, and that’s why we’re bringing forward as much as possible - as promised. Folks, that day has come: welcome to the Bank Rework Taster.

First up: no more rushing about between the bank, Diango and the costume room. Imagine we’ve installed secret passages with really, really fast moving walkways, like the ones at airports. The bank is now your single port of call both Diango and the costume room can be accessed, allowing you to deposit or withdraw at the click of a button. Bish, bash, bosh.

Next on the menu, ‘Manage Presets’ not only loads like a dream now, but presets one through ten have received dedicated shortcut keys - visible as standard - which you can see by mousing over them. Preach!

Oh, and the Wise Old Man? You know, the guy who helps you sort your inventory items into wheat and chaff? No need to go seeking him out anymore: just toggle on the new filter in your bank and see what’s good to go at a glance. Can you say BOOM shakalaka?

There’s a reason they call it a taster, and we hope this whets your appetites for the full experience. So just hang on in there - it’s coming!


Double XP Weekend

It’s only Monday, and we’ve already got your weekend down. Those with dual monitors rejoice: Snap up runescape gold with up to 6% off to join Double XP Weekend from Feb 23 to Feb 26 alongside GameBlast, meaning you can skill twice as fast while you lap up live stream antics. Whether you’re in for a running start or close to breaking 99, this is the weekend for you. But remember, you’ll need to be a member to take full advantage! More info.

The XP extravaganza kicks off at midday game time on 23 February and lasts until midday on 26 February. Don’t miss out!


If only people in real life walked into banks trailing winged, draconic beasts, that would solve a lot of our world’s problems.

The RuneScape Team



Tune in for our live streams every month to get in-game goodies!

Just connect your RuneScape account to your Twitch account and tune into one of our Tuesday,

This February we’ve got the Deep-Sea Fishing animation override, ready for the content release later this year.

Live Streams this Week

Tuesday, February 20th – 17:00 UTC (Game Time) – RuneScape Content Showcase

Want to know what we’re currently working on? Check out our RuneScape Content Showcase and get exclusive teasers and info on all the latest upcoming updates. Join live on Twitch and YouTube – don’t miss out!

LootScape will be enabled, and the item for February – the Deep-Sea Fishing animation override – will be a guaranteed drop.

Friday 23rd February at 12:00 UTC (Game Time) to Saturday 24th February 24th at 12:00 UTC (Game Time) – GameBlast18

Join us in-game and live on Twitch to help make people’s lives better! Watch our 24-hour GameBlast18 live stream and see JMods facing crazy challenges for charity. All this while you enjoy the gains Double XP weekend. Play, watch, donate and help SpecialEffect improve the lives of gamers!

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