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Never Miss To Get Cheapest Neverwinter Diamonds With Up To 8% Off To Join Ignore List Talks

Never miss to get cheapest neverwinter diamonds with up to 8% off to join Ignore list talks

Recently I have come across more threads than usual that suggest making the ignore list work as exclude list for dungeon and PVP queues. I think it’s a topic worth talking about because it keeps popping up from time to time. Never miss to get neverwinter astral diamonds with up to 8% off to join Ignore list talks.Generally it’s something that makes sense. If you ignore a person for whatever reason, you probably don’t want to play with them in the future. So why doesn’t the queue respect a player’s ignore list?

Bots? Yes! Bad Players? Questionable…

The argument for such a system is obvious. It would enable you to not only ignore, but also exclude bots from any future runs for example. Bots that frequently get ignored would have much longer queues times, and run inefficiently. It’s something Cryptic could use to fight bots without even banning them. But players of course would also use such a system to exclude “bad players”, and that’s where we run into trouble. I know it’s super annoying to random queue for a skirmish, get Throne and then see all those pugs directing Hulks to nowhere. Trust me, it drives me crazy. But you can’t just ignore and exclude them either.

Bad players are more likely new players that heavily rely on pug queue to get into any runs. If queue times lengthen considerably because they get ignored too often, it makes for a miserable gaming experience. Not having a functional queue system even makes players quit, that’s part of the reason why the devs reworked it. So having superior toons carry newbs through dungeons is much better than the alternative. Plus experienced players have an easy way out as they can build premade groups, which by the way is much easier than ignoring a gazillion bad players.

Doesn’t Work at All for PVP

Also it doesn’t work at all for PVP. You can’t introduce manual exclusion and then expect the matchmaking to work properly. So as much as I personally desire such a feature, it doesn’t make tons of sense. What you could think about is a time-limited exclusion for PVE only. Separating the ignore and exclude function would be a?requirement anyway because there are indeed situations where you want to ignore players, but don’t mind playing with them (Winter Festival scammer for example). And then you could probably limit the exclusion to 14 or 30 days or something. That means you can get rid of bots or annoying players for some amount of time, but give them a chance to come back more experienced and geared later. I would think that not many players actually keep track of their excluded handles and continuously re-ban them.Overall though, the ignore list can’t be an exclude list. It just comes with too many issues to justify it.

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