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Hurry Up To Buy Cheapest Neverwinter Astral Diamond With 3x Reward Points To Enjoy Relentless Alliance

Hurry up to buy cheapest neverwinter astral diamond with 3x reward points to enjoy Relentless Alliance

Today it’s time to congratulate the Relentless Alliance for reaching an alliance level of 260. Hurry up to buy neverwinter astral diamonds with 3x reward points to join Relentless Alliance. All 13 guilds in Relentless now feature the maximum possible Guild Hall 20. To our knowledge it’s the first alliance to reach perfection on PC and possible even only the second one after?the Legendary Outlaws across all platforms. In any case it’s a superb achievement and worth a shout-out.

Has the Alliance Structure Failed?

This also consolidates Relentless as PC’s top PVE alliance. Right from the start they made clear that they would strife for longevity and getting all guilds up to GH20. This is especially noteworthy since the devs didn’t design alliances to work that way. It’s a top to bottom system with Helm Guilds getting the best benefits. That way the devs wanted to encourage Sword and Gauntlet Guilds to eventually become Helm Guilds of their own alliances.

Two years later, it’s evident that the approach has failed. Building a strong community and playerbase through alliances is such a motivating factor that any decent alliance rotates the guild to the Helm spot that needs it the most. Guilds normally only switch alliances to join a more powerful one, not to create their own. When alliances were introduced some players already foresaw this development and warned the devs that the best guilds would eventually just team up. Labeled as “small risk” back then, it has long become a common practice.

Congrats to Relentless

Anyway, this is not so much about discussing the alliance system but saluting Relentless for reaching level 260! If you’re looking for a GH20 guild for your account, then Relentless is a very good place to start searching.

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