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Snap Up Cheap Neverwinter Astral Diamond With Up To 8% Off To Acknowledge Changed Lockboxes

Snap up cheap neverwinter astral diamond with up to 8% off to acknowledge Changed Lockboxes

The devs are currently in the process of coming back from the holidays and getting things started in 2018. Rush to gain neverwinter astral diamonds Xbox one with 3x reward points to learn Changed Lockboxes.Therefore official posts are still few and far between, but the first one already was quite interesting. In a topic in which players proposed bringing back Genie’s Gifts and Profession Packs in lockboxes, developer Miasmat jumped in and told them to “stay tuned”.

Well, the next lockbox is all finished up and it is past the time we’d make significant changes to the contents. But that said, you should both stay tuned ;).

While it might seem that it’s unlikely to happen for the next lockbox, the wink at the end could hint at changes rather sooner than later. Whether that’s just adding the mentioned packs back into lockboxes or a bigger overhaul to the content structure remains to be seen. But it’s definitely an indication that there’s something brewing behind the scenes.



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