Enjoy buying neverwinter diamonds PC/Xbox/PS4 on sale with 7% discount and see NW Community Watch
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Enjoy Buying Neverwinter Diamonds PC/Xbox/PS4 On Sale With 7% Discount And See NW Community Watch

Enjoy buying neverwinter diamonds PC/Xbox/PS4 on sale with 7% discount and see NW Community Watch

The Community Watch is a recurring format on the weekends that summarizes interesting stories, forum posts, links and news in the Neverwinterverse that are worth reporting, but don’t warrant a full own post. Save up 7% off to get neverwinter astral diamond to join NW Community Watch.Here’s what happened during?the last?week:

  • Best Level 8 Weapon Enchants for Alts who Play
  • PSA Beware of Gift Scammers!
  • Giveaways:
  • Random FAQ or discussion threads:
    • Popped a forgehammer of gond but how do I effectively use it?
    • How Much AD Do You Make Per Day?
    • Svardborg Marks – Is it time to unbind them?
    • Does fishing in SOMI still provide good RP?
    • I made a character last year during winter fest and hadn’t played him since, I was able to sign in Winterfest a week early because that’s where I last left him.
    • Why are we only able to perform 3 tasks of the same rank?
    • Insignias, where do they come from?
    • Hardlock – Legit or Not
    • Wheel of Elements: Fire giving the damage to the owner of the wheel
  • Builds and class related:
    • CW
      • 12b PvP Build
    • DC
      • Second passive on DO and most optimal powers setup when running with AC
      • Sunburst is nice
      • DC Class Review
      • Just a disclaimer about Owlbear companion passive and Devoted cleric, it works.
    • GWF
      • Neverwinter – Solo Kessel – Catch Fire Irfaan GWF Iron Vanguard PVE Mod12b?by Irfaan Khan
    • HR
      • Hunter Ranger BiS Weapons and availability
    • OP
      • Does and don’ts for being a good OP tank?
    • SW
      • Neverwinter – Warlock – Powers/Spell Rotations Guide – Mod 12 by Garlaanx
    • TR
      • How many (PvE) Rouges are left…
      • Mod 12b TRICKSTER ROGUE Guide
      • Trickster Rogue – an outsider’s perspective
      • Neverwinter – hard & soft caps. by Galactic Underwear
  • Guides, suggestions and theorycrafting:
    • “Collect All” button for professions
    • Overload Enchantment Guide (For Dps peeps, mainly)
  • Youtube and Twitch:
    • Kali Gold upgrades 1% chance with a Preservation Ward
    • A Hero’s Guide to Double Experience – Neverwinter December 2017 by Awesome Gaming Network
    • Neverwinter Tyranny of Dragonspaper Trails and Ritual Behavior by BY the People
    • Neverwinter How to earn the Royal Winter Sled by FNHUSA57
    • Neverwinter: Winter Festival 2017 full guide by Rainer
    • Neverwinter – Winter Festival Guild Quest Tips Tricks Walkthrough Guide by DDM’s Realm
    • Neverwinter THE GIFT OF COURAGE by Mini
    • Low Quality Content by Sharpedge Online
    • Valindra’s Tower – Beginner Dungeon Guide – Neverwinter Online by True Dragon Blood
  • Blogosphere:
  • Chultan Heroics by Neverwinter Thoughts
  • Just Playing by GamingSF
  • Recruitment:
    • Neverguild is currently recruiting active members on PC (Stronghold lvl 20)
    • Best In Slot (BiS) Recruiting End Game Players on PS4!
    • (PC) MOEFO recruiting -updated!
    • The Divine Pantheon is recruiting
    • Acme Recruiting Active Members 60+ on Xbox


  • Bugs:
    • Something Needs to be done with the lag in tomb
    • Campaign Completion Pack SoMI issue


  • Why is console still so far behind pc? At this point I don’t really see a reason for it
  • Bugs:
    • SW Soul Puppet bug(for me at least) on PS4

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