Buy safewow 7% off neverwinter astral diamond and items and join the roba riot
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Buy Safewow 7% Off Neverwinter Astral Diamond And Items And Join The Roba Riot

Buy safewow 7% off neverwinter astral diamond and items and join the roba riot

Today Unblogged brings to you something a wee bit different than your normal Neverwinter fare (again). We simply love the idea behind Radiant:OBA and think it’s worth supporting! In case you still haven’t heard of it, you might also want to check out our initial piece on this great product. It brings?the exciting action and strategic challenge of Multiplayer-Online-Battle-Arena (MOBA) video games to the tabletop! Buy safewow 7% off neverwinter astral diamonds and join the roba riot.

We made it! Our first expansion is now fully funded and is available to be added on to any existing pledge!

The expansion contains three brand new Heroes,?along with their skill decks and a set of drafting cards.

The expansion can be added on to an existing pledge for just €12, or for backers at the Playgroup Hero tier, a set of four can be added on for the discounted price of €40.

These three heroes greatly expand the depth of the draft format, and open up exciting new deckbuilding possibilities! If you want to know more about the Heroes and their decks, you can see a preview of the entire contents of the expansion in?Update #24.

In order to secure your copy of the expansion, simply click the “Manage My Pledge” button at the top of the Kickstarter Page, and increase your pledge by the appropriate amount.

The End of the Beginning

The ROBA Kickstarter Campaign may be coming to an end, but we’re just getting started!

From the very beginning of this project, we envisaged ROBA as a game that brought people together. Many of my strongest friendships were forged through this hobby, and that’s a spirit and a tradition I’m keen to pass on. We’re not just releasing a game – we’re building a new community, one we hope to see flourish and thrive in the months and years to come.

For our first community event, let’s send this campaign off with a bang! The ROBA Riot is a daylong event in which we say goodbye to Kickstarter and hello to each other! How do you participate? That’s easy!

Sometime in the next 24 hours, simply write a post on your favorite social media platform using the hashtag?#ROBARiot. Say something about who you are and why you backed to game. Maybe tell a story about a demo game you played, or share your favorite piece of ROBA artwork. Be sure to share a link to the kickstarter so that our community can continue to grow as we charge towards that finish line. And then-?and this is the most important part?– take a look at some other #ROBARiot posts, and say hi to another player!

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