Happy to win Rs3gold buy rs gold with $10 cash coupon for Double XP Weekend
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Happy To Win Rs3gold Buy Rs Gold With $10 Cash Coupon For Double XP Weekend

Happy to win Rs3gold buy rs gold with $10 cash coupon for Double XP Weekend


There is a good news here,you can gain the RuneScape skilling backpack for free with new functions and Happy to win Rs3gold rs 3 gold with $10 cash coupon for Double XP Weekend.

How to get free RuneScape skilling backpack?

From 00:00 game time on the 23rd August through to 23:59 on the 28th August, you can open up Treasure Hunter to receive the new RuneScape skilling backpack for free, which will replace your current skilling backpack if you already have one.?

What can you enjoy from the skilling backpack?

1. Random drops of skilling rewards. If you wear your backpack while training, you will have chances at finding random drops of skilling supplies, including:
Advanced pulse core
Large prismatic lamp
Magic notepaper (x100)
Medium dungeoneering token box
Prismatic large fallen star
Prismatic small fallen star
Royal battleship kit (x2)
Small prismatic lamp
2. 10-minute 10% XP boost. Each item drop will also activate a 10% XP boost for 10 minutes, which stacks with RuneScape double XP weekend, and will use up a charge from your backpack.

Combine skilling backpack bonus with double XP

Besides the skilling backpack, don’t forget that RuneScape Double XP Weekend is coming on the 31st of August to the 3rd September. If you have the backpack, the skill supplies can be combined with the double XP weekend to give you more experience. The XP boost for 10 minutes can also stack with the event, and will use up a charge from your backpack.

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