Advice for getting Rs3gold gold necklace runescape with $10 voucher for Ninja Week
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Advice For Getting Rs3gold Gold Necklace Runescape With $10 Voucher For Ninja Week

Advice for getting Rs3gold gold necklace runescape with $10 voucher for Ninja Week

This past weekend brought the long awaited Minigames Weekend for all of you completionists out there; now that you're stocked up on Castle Wars tickets and with the Summer Weekends concluded, and then the RS team have a plentiful batch of fixes from the elusive Ninja Team to cheer you up. Advice for you to gain Rs3gold rs gold with $10 voucher for Ninja Week.And you can always find enough runescape gold for sale on our site.

Here's some highlights of what you can expect this week:

1. Teleporting with chests and through doors in Elite Dungeons no longer require you to be out of combat.
2. Dungeoneers will no longer have to wait for skeletons to finish dying before progressing when facing the Divine Skinweaver boss in the Abandoned Floors.
3. The Ancient elven ritual shard has been added to Solak's drop table, with a drop rate of 1/1000. The RS team have also added a few news broadcasts for items from the Lost Grove.
Summoning will now visibly display as 990 and the Summoning stat will not be drained when using Summoning Pouches.

Other RuneScape Ninja updates
1. Players are now able to automatically worship Ectofuntus with a single interaction.
2. Tele-other & Grouping System notifications now allow players to change their respective notification settings.
3. Players can no longer use Deathtouched Darts on the Mega Duck.
4. Specific shops which previously sold feathers now also sell Feather packs (2K feathers for 15K gp).
5. Options to immediately climb to the top and bottom of Slayer Tower have been added to the respective stairs.
6. Dungeoneering Token drops are automatically redeemed when dropped.
Drop Locations include Kal’gerion Demon, Stalker creatures, and Elf Pickpocketing.

And of course, the most important patch of the week: The Thieving Skillcape Perk now correctly notes triangle sandwiches.

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