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Good News:buy Safewow 7% Off Astral Diamond Neverwinter For New Patch Notes

Good news:buy safewow 7% off astral diamond neverwinter for new Patch Notes



Items and Economy

Good news:buy safewow 7% off neverwinter astral diamonds for new Patch Notes.Now looking through the following details:


  • Stronghold: The Decoration Warehouse now has room for some paintings that previously weren't on its manifest.

User Interface


  • In the Ravenloft campaign, the task backgrounds now properly show a disabled state.



  • When messages pop up after converting an item to RP, they no longer refer to the previous refinement action's RP value.


Zen Market

  • Players can once again choose a specific coupon if they have more than one that applies to a purchase.

Art, Animation, and VFX


  • Control Wizard: Icy Terrain: This effect should now play more nicely with other effects, such as dangerous effect indicators.



  • For consistency purposes, the Italian translations of "Greater" and "Superior" have been harmonized in the context of Enchanting Stones and Marks of Potency/Power.
    • Greater Marks of Potency (rank 4) are now called? Marchio della potenza maggiore
    • Superior Marks of Potency (rank (5) are now called? Marchio della potenza superiore
    • Greater Marks of Power are now called Marchio del potere maggiore
    • Greater Enchanting Stones are now called Pietra dell'incantamento maggiore
    • Superior Enchanting Stones are now called Pietra dell'incantamento superiore

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