Detail of Maintenance Status& snap up neverwinter astral diamond and items with $8 voucher
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Detail Of Maintenance Status& Snap Up Neverwinter Astral Diamond And Items With $8 Voucher

Detail of Maintenance Status& snap up neverwinter astral diamond and items with $8 voucher


Most of you are probably aware that we’re currently having issues with our WordPress blog software and can’t provide the daily coverage you’re used to. We’re already updating you folks through Twitter?and the notification box below the featured and latest post area. I nonetheless wanted to come in today and comment on the current state of the process.So Detail of Maintenance Status& snap up neverwinter astral diamond with $8 voucher.

Side Effect of the Hosting Change

There are unfortunately two separate circumstances contributing to the current mess. The first one is technical and a late side effect of our recent hosting change. The migration from the old hoster seemed to have worked fine, until the first major WordPress update (and some minor plugin updates) started failing out of nowhere. I tried to update them manually, which worked, but since then our log gets flooded with errors. Fortunately it has little to no impact to you as a reader, but it pretty much prevents us from doing any work in the background. Like writing articles or uploading pictures etc.

I was able to track the issue to permission problems on the server and tried to fix it this weekend, but right now I’m waiting for my hoster to help with the issue. Maybe a backup could help, but we’re still in the process of discussing the best option and figuring out how to prevent it from happening again.

Real Life Workload

That alone is already annoying, but on top of that my real life work has rescheduled a major project to an earlier date. To hit the new deadline they’ve called in the whole team (we’re normally doing home office), which for me is four hours of travel each day and sometimes even staying overnight when it makes no sense to get back home. It’s a nice and fun challenge, but I obviously have little to no time to do anything else.

While it’s hard to predict anything at this point, I think the online world will have me back soon(tm).?It currently looks like we’ll be able to wrap stuff up this week and then it’s back to business as usual. I will update this article with anything newsworthy. So make sure to check back regularly! In the meantime, enjoy the content we have and we’ll definitely will be back soon enough to get you console folks primed and hyped up for Ravenloft!

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