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Obtain Safewow 8% Off Neverwinter Diamonds On Sale Under Strahd Von Zarovich Guide

Obtain safewow 8% off neverwinter diamonds on sale under Strahd Von Zarovich guide



This guide aims to explain these mechanics, in order to hopefully make this dungeon more accessible to players. It was written and authored by?Janne Moonmist, Lightbringer, and Sharpedge. Obtain safewow 8% off neverwinter astral diamonds under Strahd Von Zarovich guide.Looking through the following details:

The Sunsword

The Sunsword is the second “replace your powers” mechanic in this dungeon and requires a bit more learning in order to use. Like the book, picking it up disables your feats and boons as well as replacing your skill bar. It has the following powers:

  • Daybreak (Q encounter):?Is a 50% damage buff, with a 12 second duration and upon activation it restores all allies action points.
  • Sunbeam (E encounter):?Is a long dash which does (relatively compared to other abilities) low damage. It often misses enemies and appears to do more damage the further you are away from the enemy when you charge at them. Attempting to dash while in mid air puts the dash on cooldown without activating it.
  • Dawnstrike (R encounter):?Is a long animation heavy hitting encounter. Out of the Sunsword’s attacks, it does the most damage but by far is the most clunky to use.
  • Sundrenched Aegis (daily): Creates an immunity bubble, similar to the one in Cradle of the Death God made after banishing Acererak, it is needed to protect you from Rondo of the Night at the Last boss. The duration of the power depends on how much charge it has. Charge is lost by taking damage and is gained periodically while you are holding the Sunsword. Action Point gain does increase the rate of charge.
  • Coronal Slash(left at-will):?Does an average amount of damage, dealing extra burst on the third hit
  • Heliostorm (right at-will):?Is the punch of the Sunsword. It is an at will that steadily gains more damage on each hit, but if you are still hitting after 6 seconds it will stun you.

The buff that is applied for picking it up is a flat increase of 80% damage reduction, stacking it does nothing as you cannot have more than 80% damage reduction and enemies only have 15% resistance ignored which is easily countered. No need to waste time having everyone pick up the sword. The easiest way to use the sword for dealing damage is to pick it up, charge back to the party, use Daybreak, Soul Sight crystal and then spin. If you are trying to do more complicated antics, you can drop it after dashing back to the party, self buff with things like fey, pick it up, and then spin. But there is plenty of room for user error here and even if you one-shot the Strahd, you will still need to do all phases anyhow.

Strahd Von Zarovich

Strahd Von Zarovich has the following attacks and mechanics:

  • Ardor: Candles appear on the ground, then four seconds later a red circle will appear around them. It cannot be iframed (dodged). In theory the correct way to deal with this mechanic is to move away from the candles in the sequence they appear in. It is easier however to just choose one candle to damage you in advance and stand where it spawns.
  • Lunge: Big red crosses that appear on the sides of the room and then move in a straight line from where they appear. Immunity frames nullify their damage. The longer the fight, the bigger the area of effect will become.
  • Bloodflight: (or commonly referred to as the “bats”) Similar to the Bloodflight mechanic during the first boss fight, except with voice warnings. The boss will either say “Feast my pets” or “Leave no bone unpicked” as a warning. The warning is quite buggy however and often either the attack will not occur, or it will occur without the warning. Bloodflight does piercing damage, only additional layers of mitigation will reduce the incoming damage from it. In the first part of the guide, a set of skills were listed which greatly reduce the difficulty of this dungeon. Those skills are mainly listed to combat this mechanic.
  • Disarm: Big overhead slam with a knockback, when he performs this attack, whoever is holding the Sunsword will drop it. He usually performs it at 100% HP, 75% HP, and 50% HP.
    After he disarms someone, the sword materializes in the center of the room and the arena enters the “kidnap” phase. During this phase, the boss is not visible and one player is taken below the arena, separated from their allies. They will be attacked by four Paranoid Delusions down below. It is worth noting that if you reduce them to 0 Hit Points down below, a red invulnerability sphere spawns around them and they do not die until their corresponding Delusion is killed above. All you need to do while below is run around and survive. Meanwhile, the team above needs to kill the four Doppelgangers, to free the ally down below. After some time, an executioner will materialize below at the ghosted door, steer clear of him as if he hits you it will be an instant kill. It is very important the group has at least 2 capable DPS in the group. Otherwise, if the DPS is taken down below and there is no DPS above, it will likely mean certain death. The Delusions are clones of your party members and use basic at wills for that class, which means that ranged class allies make this stage more dangerous. They are vulnerable to CC effects. If you hold the Sunsword, what I like to do for the final fight is switch to the Life Steal Boon as you do not have boons while fighting Strahd and Life Steal helps sustain against the Delusions. If one of the other party members is dead, an executioner will spawn in place of the party member.
  • Shadowslam: Whenever the abducted member re-enters the arena, there will be a big red circle pulsing for four seconds, the closer you are to the middle, the more damage you take. It can be iframed but there isn’t much reason to unless you are on very low HP and are afraid to die.


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