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Buy Neverwinter Diamond With $10 Cash Coupon To Join Updated NW Modules

Buy neverwinter diamond with $10 cash coupon to join updated NW modules

While writing my piece about consoles vs. PC, I browsed over the steam charts for the game. I already did an extensive review of all Neverwinter Modules (The Worst – The Average – The Best), but I figured it might be interesting to do another one based on the steam numbers. Although we know the chart is not really indicative of player totals, its trends could indeed match the whole population. So let’s stop being the “vocal minority” and buy neverwinter astral diamonds with $10 cash coupon to join updated NW modules.


Obviously you can’t just go by the totals. The usual game has their most players at launch and then suffer a sharp decline over time. So modules have to be judged in the proper context. Relatively to the player numbers in recent months, how many players did it bring back. And how many was it able to sustain? With that in mind, here’s the ranking of Neverwinter modules according to steam numbers.


Side note: Fury of the Feywild, Shadowmantle and Tomb of Annihilation all can’t be ranked, because we’re either missing data points or the context to do so.

9. Elemental Evil

Elemental Evil was a success, right? Uhm, not according to Steam numbers, sorry! The module was able to add a moderate amount of players (+11.91%), but led the game into its sub 3,000 average players era. During the next three months, Neverwinter lost a staggering 37% of its population! No other module came even close to such a downfall! I hope somebody sued the former team, because they definitely robbed the game!

8. Tyranny of Dragons

Tyranny of Dragons might be the module with the most prominent spike in the game’s history. It initially brought back 22.20% players only to lose 26.06% in the very next month. That makes it save to say that module 4 wasn’t a fan favorite. Seems like many players at the time tried to give Neverwinter a chance again, but quickly turned away.

7. Maze Engine

I rated Maze Engine as my 4th best module, but the audience doesn’t agree at all. Maze Engine?in March 2016 was barely able to add any players to the game (+0.26%), and then lost 22% in the following months. Combine this with the lowest peak concurrent numbers for the game and you have a pretty disastrous module. Apparently the story quests and many quality-of-life upgrades weren’t able to keep most folks interested, and to offset a really bad campaign design and Castle Never rework.

6. Strongholds

Strongholds released in August of 2015 provided a noticeable spike (+15.65%), but overall wasn’t able to stop the bleeding caused by Elemental Evil. The game lost another 20% population during its tenure.

5. Curse of Icewind Dale

Module 3 didn’t draw too much attention as the gain in players initially was only a small 6.15%. The decline however was pretty steep. Neverwinter lost roughly 17% of its players during the next two months. It might be a bit harsh to credit this all to Icewind Dale though. The game was still young and some of it can probably be credited to declining hype in general.

4. Storm Kings Thunder

The overall decline in population in Storm Kings Thunder wasn’t as bad as in other modules, but it still featured the lowest average concurrent players on Steam for any month at 1,748. What makes it even worse is that SKT was a major content addition with lots of features, and followed the official D&D story line as well. Still nobody wanted to play it.

With Sea of Moving Ice however, it got interesting. Despite negative reviews, the module recovered and even featured more players in the end (+9%). It’s beyond me how you could like the grind in SoMI, but there was admittedly a lot of AD to make and the Khyek travel was actually a pretty cool and new element. This one did surprise me nonetheless.

3. Cloaked Ascendancy

We continue the batch of modules that didn’t lose any players with the Cloaked Ascendancy. It took the hype of Sea of Moving Ice, further built on it and sustained player numbers throughout the months. Both average and peak concurrent numbers were the most the game had seen for about a year.

2. Rise of Tiamat

Rise of Tiamat was a solid module by all standards. Released in November 2014, it added roughly 22% more players. And it could even largely sustain its numbers even though there was a relatively long waiting time until the next major content addition. According to Steam, this definitely is one of the strongest module and only one of two that could actually add players to the game during its tenure.

1. Underdark

With Underdark a lot of the flaws in Elemental Evil were fixed and the devs were finally able to stop the ongoing decline. The module initially wasn’t able to bring too many players back (+13.44%), but at least was able to fully sustain its numbers. I guess R.A. Salvatore and Drizzt Do’Urden as selling points definitely helped.

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