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Buy Neverwinter Diamonds PC/Xbox/PS4 For Pre-Christmas Sale To Join Refiner’s Cache Mass

Buy neverwinter diamonds PC/Xbox/PS4 for Pre-Christmas Sale to join Refiner’s Cache Mass


We continue our Call-to-Arms coverage this weekend with a look at the Refiner's Cache, which is supposed to be the farm reward of the event format.Acquire neverwinter astral diamonds for Pre-Christmas Sale to enjoy Refiner’s Cache Mass Obviously the main incentive of these quick-fire skirmishes are the unique transmutes and dyes. But even if you don’t have interest in those, you can still farm?Medallion of Battle?and buy the caches. It’s appealing, because they have a chance to drop purple Marks of Potency. So a lot of players are probably asking themselves whether this could present an legitimate way of getting the marks.

Refiner’s Cache Mass Opening

I decided to gather some data on the topic and performed one of my “RNG tests” on the preview server. Those tests are aimed at figuring out the drop chances of certain boxes. The general idea is that the more boxes you open, the closer you get to the actual drop chances. Since it’s hard to accumulate large amounts of the same box on the live server, I’m using the preview. You can copy over characters multiple times and with that also multiply the items they hold. In this case I did 1,000 Refiner’s Caches. Here are the results, which I also added to our RNG Toolbox.

Is It Worth Farming?

So it it worth gunning for the?Refiner's Cache? Absolutely not! With the most recent nerf/fix to medallion drop rates you need five to six runs for one cache. Even in the current “Battle for the Bridge”, which can be completed within a minute by a competent team, it’s simply not worth the trouble. You need hundreds of boxes and hours of farming to see some purple marks. You’re much better off doing something else and just buy the marks from the Wondrous Bazaar. It might make sense to monitor the Auction House though. The caches are one of those weird rewards that tend to sell way over value.

It’s pretty hilarious because I was actually performing the RNG test to show that it’s still worth going for the caches thanks to the amount of medallions you were able to accumulate. I already had my conclusion wrapped up only to realize that the devs changed the drop rates. Bugged or not, it was actually something that made farming the Call-to-Arms format viable. Now it’s just an outdated and boring event that blocks a spot in the calendar.

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