Rush to buy safewow 7% off neverwinter astral diamond for sale under Ravenloft Datamining Update
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Rush To Buy Safewow 7% Off Neverwinter Astral Diamond For Sale Under Ravenloft Datamining Update

Rush to buy safewow 7% off neverwinter astral diamond for sale under Ravenloft Datamining Update


On PC launch day I’d like to conclude our preview coverage of Neverwinter’s “Ravenloft” module by going over some random findings in the game files that we haven’t mentioned anywhere else yet. It’s not too much, but nonetheless could hint at some stuff that’s planned for the future.Rush to buy safewow 7% off neverwinter astral diamonds under Ravenloft Datamining Update.

Two More ZEN Additions?

First of all I’d like to hint at two possible additions to the ZEN Market that I initially missed in the post about upcoming premium items. The game files have ZEN art for a pack containing?Enchanted Keys and a?Coalescent Ward. So the devs might bundle the two items at some point in Ravenloft. Additionally there’s art and icons for a new pack containing Insignias. It’s interesting since the latest “Undying” lockbox doesn’t feature a mount pack any longer. So players might need to hit the ZEN Market for more supply.

Updated Halloween Event

It also looks the the Masquerade of Liars?Halloween event is getting a few extra rewards and tweaks this year. Apparently there will be an empowered version of the?Illusionist's Mask?that can be upgraded to Mythic. Additionally a variety of new Ravenloft themed masks, a pet, and a mount will be available. Some changes to the game files also suggest that the event might get an additional rewards system. Unfortunately there are no specifics at this point.

Reborn Lockbox?

Talking about no specifics: The game files include references to a “Reborn” lockbox in numerous occasions. This may be the next lockbox or something entirely different. We’ll see! There are not even icons or anything yet. So this definitely feels premature.

New Guild Hall Decor

The following decor is in the game files, but we couldn’t tie it to any actual content so far:

  • Dungeon Master’s Table
  • Divine Feast
  • Rust Covered Gibbet
  • Haunting Soul Lantern
  • Plundered Thayan Statue

The names might suggest that it could be introduced as part of events. The table would fit the Day of the Dungeon Master, the feast the Challenge of the Gods and the lantern the?Masquerade of Liars. So in case you’re into decorating your Guild Halls, there’s already more scheduled to get introduced!

Giveaway Mounts

Colored giveaway “community” mounts have become the norm in recent years and Ravenloft will have a few as well. There are icons for beetles and stags for PS4 and Xbox and two additional wolves, which we assume will also be for consoles. PC gets a teal wolf with the Ravenloft release.


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