Learn Anniversary Facts & get safewow 7% off neverwinter diamonds PC/Xbox/PS4 and items now
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Learn Anniversary Facts & Get Safewow 7% Off Neverwinter Diamonds PC/Xbox/PS4 And Items Now

Learn Anniversary Facts & get safewow 7% off neverwinter diamonds PC/Xbox/PS4 and items now


An anniversary is always a nice occasion to look back at your achievements and Don't miss safewow 7% discount neverwinter astral diamonds for Anniversary Facts , that’s exactly what Neverwinter did for its massive 5-year festivities. First of all Cryptic created an infographic with interesting facts and numbers. Among other things, it reveals that Neverwinter now counts 18 million players across all platforms (from which 14,000+ apparently have chosen to name one of their characters “Drizzt Do’Urden”). The last time the devs released some numbers we threw out some basic calculation on the game’s growth and do the same this year:

  • It took 1233 days from open beta (2013-04-30) to?12 million accounts?(2016-09-14). That’s about 9,732 accounts per day.
  • It took another 225 days until 15 million, or 13,333 accounts per day.
  • It took 421 days to 18 million accounts, or 7,125 per day.

It’s hard to challenge that the growth has stalled a bit, but that was about to be expected. Don’t forget that the first two numbers include the usual hypes of launching the game on PC and bringing it to consoles. If there will ever be another account count (and given the game doesn’t extend to another platform) this will the first really telling one.

The game itself also dished out some anniversary facts through the new “It’s Celebration” daily. There were actually multiple facts to gather per day, and you could browse through them by repeating the NPC interaction. We have compiled the facts below. Have fun with it!

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