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Snap Up Safewow 8% Off Neverwinter Astral Diamonds For Sale And Items Under Omu Armor Guide

Snap up safewow 8% off neverwinter astral diamonds for sale and items under Omu Armor Guide

In this guide I’d like to quickly go over the Armor additions in Neverwinter’s Lost City of Omu and discuss which pieces are worth going for. Please note that I will generally discuss the equipment’s usefulness and might not touch on all builds and classes equally. In addition to this article I highly recommend checking this excellent piece of theorycrafting by rjc9000 and others.Never forget safewow 8% off neverwinter astral diamonds under Omu Armor Guide. They’ve pretty much gone over all relevant gear and checked what powers are affected by the bonuses. Some of my recommendations and evaluations are based on the provided data.

Hunts Gear

Gear from Hunts offer a wide range of unique bonuses. Especially the pieces that add a flat percentage of damage for certain powers should be interesting for DPS. There are also some intriguing choices for PVP. All pieces bind to account on pickup and to a character on equip.

Boots of the Willed

The Boots buff all relevant At-Wills and should be at least considered “bis” for Guardian Fighters and Great Weapon Fighters. They only drop from the Tyrant so getting them is pretty much a pain. Other DPS have probably better options like

Chest of the Fallen Reign

Random proc, random stat enhancement? No thanks! Even if you run a full support toon, you should have better options here. Pray that other stuff than this chest drops when you run the Tyrant Hunt.

Chitters's Fangs

Chitter’s Fangs is one of the M13 items that cause trouble in PVP. With its nice balance of useful all-around stats it’s a viable option in Domination unless the devs change the proc.

Crown of the Monkey King

The crown is not very useful in boss fights and unreliable when fighting trash. It has nice visuals though so I could see some players going for it just for the look.


The Deathstriders are a viable item for DPS toons that can’t get a lot out of the?Boots of the Willed?or are not willing to farm the Tyrant. This is dropping from a 1-Star Hunt and hence is very obtainable.

Destroyed Boots of the Deformed

I fail to see the use here as Damage Resistance is either useless (PVP) or should be capped (PVE). I guess it could be seen as budget / alt DPS item. In case you’re into Hunts you should get a few since it drops from a 1-Star.


This item is so intriguing, yet seems so random. Looking at the stats and bonus you think “bis” for support toons. But the blessed areas are unreliable and since the item was bugged and made companion disappear for a certain time some players do no longer use it. I’m still a fan though, because support toons lack a clear alternative.

Eyestalk Wrappers

This thing should be “bis” in most cases for HR, CW and SW DPS toons, but be warned that depending on the loadout you run not all your powers will get the bonus. Sometimes you might be better off with?Jawripper's Gloves.


The Fearbringers is a great arms piece if you’re not doing a ton of damage with your dailies. Great Weapon Fighters or Guardian Fighters are such an example while Control Wizards should stay away.

Fured Kiuno of the Bear

This chest piece completes the Mod 13 trifecta for melee toons. With the?Fearbringers?and?Boots of the Willed?you’re looking at a sizeable DPS boost from your gear.

Gigantopithecus's Vise

There are many great arm pieces out there. This is not one of them. It’s just a weird and unreliable offensive proc that’s accompanied by an otherwise defensive item. The flavor text making sense is about all I have as pro.

Jawripper's Gloves

This looks great on paper, but all encounter-heavy ranged classes (HR/CW/SW) should carefully check whether they get more out of?Eyestalk Wrappers. TRs should like this one though.

Mane of the Manticore

In case you play PVP you probably have run into the procs of the Mane, and complained about them. Thank god you can’t use both this one and?Chitters's Fangs. That would be fun, right?

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