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Never Miss Neverwinter Diamond With $8 Cash Coupon Under Guild Wars

Never miss neverwinter diamond with $8 cash coupon under Guild Wars

A couple weeks ago something interesting happend in the MMO world. Never miss neverwinter astral diamonds ps4 with $8 cash voucher under Guild Wars.And with interesting I actually mean something outrageous. Apparently Guild Wars 2 used data collected from spyware to carry out their latest major ban wave. Considering that the company didn’t properly brief their users that they are getting spied on, this is fairly troubling. I mean, ArenaNet just like any other publisher is probably backed up by some lousy paragraph in their ToS (“§X.y: We can do whatever the fuck we want and you agree by playing our game. So fuck off, hahahahaha!”), but let’s just say it’s not standard procedure to install spyware. There’s also at least legitimate concern whether this is even legal in parts of Europe.

By the way, don’t feel to safe in Neverwinter, because the corresponding paragraph form the Perfect World Terms of Service reads like this:

“You understand and agree that when user our Service and/or run our Game software, this can and may involve software functions designed to detect cheating or unauthorized and malicious programs. In this context, we may access, collect, monitor and/or remotely store screenshots of game play, information relating to hardware capacity, modifications related to our Game software, signatures, profiles or names of known unauthorized or malicious third party programs, files or processes that enable or facilitate cheating, unfair advantage or hacking of the Games or Service. If unauthorized or malicious programs are detected, the Game software may also communicate to us the users account and User ID and information about the unauthorized or malicious program or its use”.

To be honest, this is already messed up shit. I guess most of us are against cheating, but nobody wants some sneaky ass software to submit whatever ArenaNet or some other publisher thinks is harmful to their game. Privacy matters, especially in times of?Cambridge Analytica and all that craziness. In the end we’re just playing an online game for enjoyment. No cheating is so disastrous that it warrants digging deep into our HDDs and memory.

Anyway, that’s one thing. It gets worse however if you include that ArenaNet wasn’t even sure that they were tackling cheaters. They just banned anyone who had certain software installed on their system, no matter whether or not it was used in conjunction with Guild Wars 2. I mean, why would you even do that? You have to know that there’s a good chance you’re banning a bunch of innocents in the process.

Which actually brings us back to Neverwinter, because in case you weren’t around a year ago, let me give you a little recap what happened back then. The devs evidentially carried out a ban wave that hit a large number of innocent players. Apparently an automated script went overboard and classified a lot of legit activities as botting-like behavior. Instead of owning up to their mistake, Perfect World instead issued a statement that they were “releasing players on probation” while handing out VIP compensation packages as apology for wrongful bans behind the scenes. That made released players cheaters in the public eye, while support all but confirmed the exact opposite. It was horrible.

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