Enjoy to get neverwinter diamond PC/Xbox/PS4 with $8 cash voucher &know about news
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Enjoy To Get Neverwinter Diamond PC/Xbox/PS4 With $8 Cash Voucher &know About News

Enjoy to get neverwinter diamond PC/Xbox/PS4 with $8 cash voucher &know about news

News from another MMO on a Neverwinter site? Are we branching out? Not quite, but we thought sharing this might also be of interest for Neverwinter fans, Enjoy to get neverwinter astral diamonds with $8 cash coupon & learn Cryptic Studios news, sort of. You may or may not know that our devs currently maintain two active MMOs in Neverwinter and Star Trek Online, and actively progress on a third in Magic the Gathering.

A fourth, Champions Online, is still online, but in so-called maintenance mode since a few years. Meaning there’s no more content coming. At least not until last week, when Cryptic suddenly added the new Alert “Save the Earth”. Alerts can be compared to Neverwinter’s skirmishes. They’re quick brawls that usually come with unique rewards.

Champions, we are #StillStanding! As part of our celebration of becoming the longest running superhero MMO of all time, we are releasing a brand new piece of content for you to try: Save the Earth! In this epic adventure, your Champion’s personal nemesis has commendeered a sattelite high above the orbit of Earth! You’ll have to fly there and do battle with them to…wait for it…Save the Earth! Are you up to the challenge, Champions? Complete this new Alert to gain exciting rewards like the Threaten Emote, a Ray Gun, many different visors and more!

So is Champions back? Probably not, as this was a one-time addition to celebrate the game becoming the longest running superhero MMO of all time. Although the reviews are mixed, it’s still great to see Cryptic giving love to their oldest title and might also indicate that the studio is going strong.


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