Advice for buying 7% off neverwinter astral diamond & learn Guild Boons Balancing Woes
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Advice For Buying 7% Off Neverwinter Astral Diamond & Learn Guild Boons Balancing Woes

Advice for buying 7% off neverwinter astral diamond & learn Guild Boons Balancing Woes


Neverwinter’s Guild Boons have long been a target of player complaints. It’s a difficult topic, but your tl;dr is that they are just too powerful and widen the gap between the haves (GH20 members) and have-nots. Yesterday developer Scarabman showed up on the forums and Advice for buying 7% off neverwinter astral diamonds and know Guild Boons Balancing Woes. The post shared some interesting insight on the internal thought process and possible upcoming tweaks.

Guild Boons Are Overtuned

The difference between being in a guild with max-level boons and not being in a guild at all contributes to problems with our attempts to balance the level 70 experience. […] Since we can’t guarantee a player is in a guild and we don’t want to force anyone to join a guild, if we hand out sufficient gear upgrades to get players strong enough to fight without any guild boons, does the addition of the guild boons trivialize the content? In some cases it does.

The first interesting aspect talked about were balancing struggles. It indeed seems that the difference between having guild boons vs. not is so significant that it’s hard to adjust content in a way it fits both scenarios. Scarabman points out that Guild Boons are intentionally strong as?they were incredibly costly and time consuming to attain. Nowadays however, as more and more Strongholds reach GH20 and players can just join a capped guild, the cost vs. benefit is becoming less relevant. That’s why, for the current state of the game, Guild Boons are overtuned.

No Immediate Changes

You don’t have to fear that progress is going to get taken away from your guild by a nerf though. The developer stressed that they don’t feel like it’s enough of a gamebreaking issue. Hence they are unlikely to adjust the system “this year”. Long-term though there might be some changes coming to ensure that the devs can balance content around the assumption that most players have access to guild boons.

One idea the team has been bouncing around is to add a store in Protector’s Enclave where guildless players can buy access to lesser guild boons for a period of time. This would allow us the freedom to assume players have access to some level of guild boons. Something we might consider doing sooner is to reduce the build time of some of the really big structure upgrades. My personal opinion is that reducing those times would be a mostly positive change for everyone. Again, none of this is set in stone.


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